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The program, Keeping Us Safe, is run by Matt Gurwell, a former lieutenant with the Ohio State Patrol. It is designed to help older drivers and their family deal with the issues and challenges they face. This program is a joint effort with the Medina County HANDS Foundation supported by funding through the Medina County Drug Abuse Commission. “The purpose of this program is to educate people and save lives”, said Judge Chase.

The Keeping Us Safe program is available to drivers over the age of 60 who are cited for a minor misdemeanor traffic offense that involved a crash. These include violations such as speeding, improper backing, assured clear distance, and failing to stop for a red light or stop sign. When the court receives the traffic ticket, it will send a letter to the offender with information about the program.
For drivers over 60 who are found guilty of any minor misdemeanor involving a crash, once the offender has paid the fine and court costs, if the driver chooses to complete the program, the court will send him or her a check refunding their fine. There is no cost to the drivers or their families for attending the program.

“We are glad to be able to offer this option to drivers over 60,” said Judge Chase. “Whether a crash is caused by a moment of inattention or whether it is a sign of diminishing driving skills, the program will give these drivers a look at the changes we all face as we age.”

The Medina Municipal Court will begin referrals for offenses beginning on September, 2012. Drivers may attend the program alone or with family members. The next session is scheduled for Saturday, December 14, 2013, and another session is planned for April 26, 2014.
Keeping Us Safe at 877-907-8841, or

The HANDS Foundation at 330-225-4242
For additional information about the program please contact:
Judge Dale H.Chase
Medina Municipal Court
Click HERE to learn more about the December 14, 2013, session of "A Safe Drive Through the Aging Process".
Keeping Us Safe has partnered with the Medina (Ohio) Municipal Court
in an innovative and proactive program designed to help keep
older drivers safe, as well as save them money!
Funding for this program was made possible through the Medina County Drug Abuse Commission.
Providing practical, real-life solutions
to older drivers and their families
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