The "Enhanced Self-Assessment Program"
for Senior Drivers
Do you live away from your loved-one and aren't completely sure of his or her ability to continue driving safely?

Could you use some help and direction plotting the future of your loved-one's safe driving career?

Are you unsure of how to address the issue with your loved-one, or confused about how to initiate "the talk"?

Not sure what resources are available to you?

Do you want a skilled and experienced professional to help bring or maintain calm and stability to what can be a very complex and sensitive family issue?

Are you looking for a program that will help further your loved-one's ability to remain a safe driver, and to continue to monitor their skills as they progress through the aging process?
Is the "Enhanced Self-Assessment Program"
the answer to your family's worries and concerns?
Did You Know...
We help identify alternatives to un-safe driving

We identify those drivers that are at a "higher risk" for an accident

Already a safe driver? We can offer tips on how to remain safe as you progress through the aging process

This self-assessment serves as an additional tool for the older driver and his/her family. As such, nothing is reported directly to the DMV/BMV
Our internationally recognized "Self-Assessment Program" for older drivers was built on the premise that everyone wants to participate in decisions that affect them, and that very few of us will willingly accept the specific terms or even the spirit of decisions that have been dictated by someone else.

Our experience has shown us that older drivers with diminishing driving skills are no different!

This individualized program has been designed to serve as a valuable tool in helping older drivers (and their families) make appropriate decisions regarding the future of one's safe driving career.

If the individual is a safe driver, we provide him or her with strategies on how to remain a safe driver as they progress through the aging process. If a driving retirement is the appropriate decision, then we provide the individual (and their family) with acceptable alternatives, resources and a very specific plan to ensure a smooth and successful transition from the driver's seat to the passenger seat.
A little more about our program...
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then we
encourage you to call us now (toll-free) at 877-907-8841 to
schedule an appointment for your loved-one.
Offering "new help" to older drivers and their families!
877-907-8841 (toll-free)
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A. YES, absolutely! The driving exercise, combined with the cognitive exercises, work in harmony with an in-depth learning conversation to help paint an accurate picture of whether or not your mother is at an elevated risk for a future traffic accident.
One of our more Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. Will you actually get in the car and ride with my mother?
"It would be our very distinct honor to escort your family through this very challenging, sensitive and emotional issue."
"Our self-assessment program for older drivers provides families with the missing link
between their desire to bring this issue to a peaceful resolution, and their ability to actually do so."
Keeping Us Safe's "Self-Assessment Program"
for older drivers is a problem solver, not a problem contributor!
For the concerned family...
Matt Gurwell, Founder & CEO of Keeping Us Safe
Our Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professional will facilitate the self-assessment program in the comfort of the individual's home. The program includes easy to administer, non-intrusive exercises meant to be performed right at the kitchen table.
Aging is a triumph, not a tragedy!
- Robert N. Butler, M. D.
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