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Resources marked with Keeping Us Safe's "Mr. Happy Key" logo (right) indicate that that one or more individuals from that particular organization have been trained in the "Beyond Driving with Dignity Professional Certification program.
Mr. Happy Key
Preserving an independent and dignified lifestyle in the comfort of your own home. We are committed to enriching the lives of seniors by offering outstanding services that address client needs.

Kathy Brown, Owner
Ottawa, Ontario
At Home Care Solutions
Companionship - alleviate long days
Reassurance - consistant recognition of social and emotional needs
Comfort - every visit a positive experience
Community Connections - Errands & Appointments
Home Support - helping with everyday activities
Enriching the lives of seniors
Keeping Us Safe-At Home Care Solutions
At Home Care Solutions is here to support overwhelmed families who are caring for their aging parents and to make life easier and more enjoyable for both senior and caregiver.
Suzanne Mulligan-Born
Offering help for the older driver and his or her family as a
Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professional
The Silver Pages
The place to turn for information you can trust
John Bauslaugh has worked in the print and broadcast industry for over 30 years. He has published specialty publications under the banner of The Silver Pages for 20 years. The Silver Pages became the ‘go to’ resource and by 2010 it grew to become the first national publication on Home Health Care in Canada. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, The Silver Pages has been re-launched with a strong web presence at www.TheSilverPages.ca.
John Bauslaugh, Publisher
Toronto, Ontario
As publisher of TheSilverPages.ca, John receives many phone calls and emails from family members who are concerned about their parent’s diminishing driving skills. He was at a loss on how to help. Now as one of Canada’s first Certified ‘Beyond Driving With Dignity’ professionals, he has the tools to help those in need of guidance.

John is devoted to the topics of home health care and independent living. His recent certification as a Beyond Driving with Dignity professional is a natural addition to John’s business offerings. There are few things as sensitive as the whole topic of driving when one thinks of independent living. John is now well-positioned to provide older drivers and their families with a very specific program that will help them make decisions on how to keep the older driver safe.

John has partnered with Suzanne Mulligan-Born. John offers the Beyond Driving With Dignity program in the Greater Toronto area. Suzanne offers the program in the Niagara /Hamilton/ Burlington area of Ontario.
Suzanne Mulligan-Born is a graduate of Canada’s first "Beyond Driving With Dignity" Professional Certification course.
Suzanne has been a social worker and writer for over 25 years. She now focuses on issues that affect Baby Boomers, Seniors and Persons with Disabilities. As a "Beyond Driving With Dignity" Professional, she has the tools necessary to help older drivers and their families work through the complicated issue of diminishing driving skills.

Suzanne is well suited to work with older adults and their families to facilitate - and often times mediate - the emotionally charged topic of continuing to drive. Working with the older driver in his or her home, she provides rational, common sense driving-related solutions based on tangible facts and personal observations.
Suzanne has partnered with John Bauslaugh, Publisher of The Silver Pages. Suzanne offers the Beyond Driving with Dignity program in the Niagara /Hamilton/ Burlington area of Ontario, while John offers the Beyond Driving With Dignity program in the Greater Toronto area.
Suzanne Mulligan-Born
Niagra, Hamilton, Burlington
Areas of Ontario, Canada
Ontario's On-line Healthcare Resource
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