About Karen Purdy, R.N.
Medical Liaison Representative
Keeping Us safe would like you to meet Karen Purdy, R.N. Karen who serves as our Medical Liaison Representative.

Karen's background began in Springfield, Ohio and she has wanted to be a nurse all her life. She attained that goal when she graduated from the Springfield Community Hospital, School of Nursing in 1965. Her nursing career spans experience in the operating room, orthopedic nursing in the hospital, physician office nursing, and home health care nursing.
While in Dayton, Ohio, Karen was the head nurse at St. Elizabeth Hospital's "Family Practice Residency Program" outpatient clinic. Karen then made the transition into the medical sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals, medical and medical services and medical staffing.

Karen has over twenty years experience in sales and marketing, working for such companies as Bausch& Lomb, Ciba -Geigy (now Novartis) Homedco (now Apria Home Medical supplies) and Initial Healthcare Staffing Services, where she served as Vice President of Sales and Service for the Ohio area. Throughout her career, Karen has always maintained a special place in her heart for geriatric patients.

The services that Keeping Us Safe provides to seniors and their families was immediately near and dear to Karen, as she has a senior parent herself who is still driving. Karen understands first-hand the concerns that families have for their loved one's safety. From experience, Karen also recognizes that many times families do not know where to turn or how to handle the difficult dilemma that senior driving can present.
On a personal level, Karen brings her compassion to those families. On a professional level, Karen also brings her marketing skills to Keeping Us Safe, and will be assisting the "Beyond Driving With Dignity" Professionals as they create awareness in their own communities.

Karen currently resides in Canton, Ohio with her husband, Bob, and her very special rescue cat, Minnie. Karen has two adult children and enjoys cooking, gardening and growing her own vegetables and herbs. Karen also enjoys stage and theater plays.

It is both an honor and a pleasure to have Karen on the Keeping Us Safe team!
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